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Pentium® Processor Top & Bottom Markings

 XX or XXX = Core Speed (MHz).
 BB = Bus speed (MHz)
 SX ZZZ = S-Spec number.
 FFFFFFFF = FPO # (Test Lot Traceability #).
 For packages with heat spreaders, the inner line box defines the spreader edge.
 Ink Mark = All logo information on the heat spreader.
 Laser Mark = The two lines of information above and below the heat spreader. 
  All bottomside information is laser mark.
 QZZZZ = Sample Specification number.
 DDDD = Serialization code.
 YYY = iCOMP® index (610 for 75-MHz and 735 for 90-MHz, 815 for 100-MHz, 
  1000 for 120-MHz, 1110 for 133-MHz, 1176 for 150-MHz and 1308 for 166-MHz parts.)
 TT = TCP Package, A = SPGA Package
 The bottom markings on the C and cB1-step production units will replace the existing 
  bottom marking on C-step parts effective 7/95.
 UU = 75 for 75-MHz Pentium Processor and PP for all other speeds.
 K = V for VRE voltage range and S for standard voltage range
  L = M for min valid MD timings and S for min valid standard timings
  M = U is not tested for DP, is tested for UP and MP and S is tested for DP, UP and MP. 

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