Standard Products

AMD standard products are available in several operating ranges. The order number (Valid Combination) is formed by a combination of the elements below.


Table 60. Order Number Valid Combinations

OPN  Package Type  Operating Voltage  Case Temperature 
AMD-K6/233ANR  321-pin CPGA  3.1V-3.3V (Core) 3.135V-3.6V (I/O)  70°C 
AMD-K6/200ALR  321-pin CPGA  2.755V-3.045V (Core) 3.135V-3.6V (I/O)  70°C 
AMD-K6/166ALR  321-pin CPGA  2.755V-3.045V (Core) 3.135V-3.6V (I/O)  70°C 


This table lists configurations planned to be supported in volume for this device. Consult the local AMD sales office to confirm availability of specific valid combinations and to check on newly-released combinations.

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