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ISSUE 13 - May/June 1997  
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BETA - The Hypertextual Technical magazine, Year III
Issue 13, May/June 1997 [0397]
Editor in Chief Luciano Giustini - Joint Editor Fernando Carello

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Above and below of any page and any article there's a textual Rapid Choice Bar with the more useful links. If during reading you feel some "lost", press in any moment the "Ctrl-Home" and "Ctrl-End" keys, or just move top or bottom to the page, so you can use them to go anywhere in the review. Note that the first link in the Bar is always referred to the page you are reading on, following the theme on this said. In case of general theme, the link is to the Homepage.

All the pages look better in high color (65.536 colors) or true color (16.4 millions color), and if possible at a resolution equal or higher than 800x600 pixel.
The current number of BETA has been verified, for the correct view, with Netscape Navigator and Microsoft Internet Explorer. With other clients see file Leggimi.TXT

The BETA staff does suggest the Netscape Navigator version 2.x or higher for the best viewing.

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