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IBM Announces IBM DCE for OS/2 Warp Beta Program

August 21, 1995

BOSTON, MA, August 21, 1995 . . . IBM today announced that it is accepting candidates for participation in an OS/2* Warp Distributed Computing Environment (DCE) 2.1 beta program. By entering the beta program, users can begin application prototyping, development, testing and provide feedback to IBM.

The announcement was made at the Open Software Foundation Conference held here this week. The IBM DCE 2.1 for OS/2 Warp beta program is based on the function of the Open Software Foundation's** (OSF**) most recent DCE, Version 1.1, and is enriched by IBM's enhancements.

"With this beta, IBM is the first company to offer open, heterogeneous client/server computing to PC LAN users with a product based on the latest version of OSF/DCE," said Art Olbert, vice president, LAN Systems, IBM Personal Software Products division. "It underscores IBM's commitment to OS/2 in the application server and client environment."

The beta program provides a solid foundation for developing distributed client/server applications based on open standards and enables software developers, independent software vendors, channel partners and users to gain experience with distributed computing technologies for the desktop and server environment. OSF/DCE is an integrated set of industry-leading distributed computing technologies. These technologies allow multi-vendor computing networks to function as a single, logical environment for distributed applications and workstation users.

New Functions

DCE is an enabling technology. This beta expands developers' abilities to write solutions that provide true open distributed client/server computing. In addition to the core DCE functions of remote procedure call, cell directory services, security services, time services and DCE threads, this beta program also provides the new OSF/DCE 1.1 functions, including: Extended Registry Attributes (ERA); General Security Service API (GSS-API); Delegation; DCE Daemon (DCED); DCE Control Program (DCECP); Serviceability; Extended Log-in; Backing Storage Library; and Access Control List (ACL) Checking Library.

IBM Enhancements

The beta program for IBM DCE 2.1 for OS/2 Warp will help developers get a head start on developing applications that are truly plug-and-play and will fully exploit distributed services. To make working with DCE simpler, IBM provided enhancements and ease of use features including: Administration Graphical User Interface (GUI); Simplified Install; Managed Object Class Library; OS/2 Distributed File System (DFS) Client; Commercial Data Masking Facility (CDMF) Support, i.e., "Middleweight Encryption"; Sample Code; and Native NetBIOS support.

Administration GUI & Simplified Install

The GUI simplifies DCE administration by making tasks more logical using intuitive, easy-to-follow graphics. The GUI also allows administration of DFS and handles administration of users, groups, CDS and security.

The IBM DCE 2.1 for OS/2 Warp beta program is based on IBM's common install tool and allows for installation of clients, servers and DCE application development environment.

DCE Managed Object Class Library

To accelerate the acceptance and deployment of distributed computing environments, IBM and Hewlett-Packard (HP) are working through the OSF to define a common set of managed objects for the DCE core infrastructure. This will provide consistent administrative/management interface definitions across heterogeneous distributed computing platforms.

The DCE Admin Class Library provides an implementation of all of the DCE core services including Remote Procedure Call (RPC), cell directory, security, time, and cell/host/servers/services definitions in the form of an object-oriented class library.

DFS Client, Sample Code & Native NetBIOS Support

The OS/2 Warp DFS Client is a DCE client application that provides OS/2 Warp users and applications with access to the global DFS file space. DFS provides leadership support of data distribution over high and slow speed connections.

To help developers get started and write applications, IBM has provided sample code which has been tested by IBM. The beta also provides support so that customers running a NetBIOS network can use DCE services. This allows NetBIOS customers to use NetBIOS names in addition to TCP/IP names when running DCE over NetBIOS.

Availability & Ordering

For the IBM DCE 2.1 for OS/2 Warp beta program, candidates will be considered on a first-come, first-served basis upon completion of the enrollment process. Worldwide shipments of the beta package will begin in September. The IBM DCE 2.1 for OS/2 Warp beta program is only available to customers via a CD-ROM hardcopy package. Customers placing orders in excess of available quantities will be notified.

To participate in the IBM DCE 2.1 for OS/2 Warp beta program, users can request an order form via fax at 512-838-4003, or e-mail at dcereq@vnet.ibm.com.

* OS/2 is a registered trademark of the IBM Corporation.

** Open Software Foundation and OSF are trademarks of the Open Software Foundation, Incorporated.

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