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IBM Announcement Letters (US) - Document '395-134'

IBM VisualAge Developer's Toolkit Promotion

August 22, 1995
Announcement Number: 395-134


In Brief . . .


For a limited time only, when you acquire VisualAge(TM) C++ for OS/2(R), you can get a C++ developer's kit, which includes OS/2 Warp and a CD that contains an evaluation copy of DB2/2(TM), at no additional charge.

Orders must be placed on or before December 15, 1995. The Date of Installation, as defined in the IBM Customer Agreement, must occur on or after August 22, 1995, but no later than December 29, 1995.

If you are a commercial, state or local government or education customer, you can participate. If you are federal government customer, call 800-333-6705 or 301-564-7970 to determine eligibility.

IBM reserves the right to modify or withdraw this promotion at any time.

(TM)  Trademark of International Business Machines Corporation
(R)   Registered trademark of International Business Machines

IBM to Start OS/2 Warp Server Beta Testing

August 14, 1995

AUSTIN, TX., August 14, 1995 . . . IBM today announced the start of public beta testing for OS/2* Warp Server, IBM's business server for customers ranging from small businesses to large enterprises. It provides an integrated platform for the emerging application server environment as well as a complete set of traditional file and print services. The software will be distributed to beta testers in the last week of August. It is expected to be generally available in the first quarter of 1996.

Following on the heels of OS/2 Warp Connect, IBM's network client operating system, OS/2 Warp Server combines the market-proven quality of OS/2 Warp and LAN Server 4.0 with a wealth of functional enhancements in system management, backup, remote access and advanced print function. Services such as file and print can be selectively installed, allowing users to customize OS/2 Warp Server to meet their specific needs. The installation procedure also includes autodetection of devices such as network interface cards.

"OS/2 Warp Server will raise the bar on what customers and resellers should expect from a server operating system," said Phil Powers, director of marketing for LAN Systems, IBM Personal Software Products division. "We believe that OS/2 Warp Server will provide an excellent application server foundation as well as provide high performance file and print capability in a single solution. The additional integrated features will also help customers reduce the overall cost of managing their networks."

A Powerful Server...

OS/2 Warp Server inherits from LAN Server 4.0 a sophisticated set of network capabilities, including an easy-to-use drag-and-drop administration model which allows network administrators and resellers to quickly install, set up, configure and manage a network. It offers tight security that is flexible enough to be customized to the needs of any business by assigning various privileges down to specific files on the server. OS/2 Warp Server also uses a powerful high performance file system and includes a NetWare migration utility that will allow an organization to migrate NetWare 2.x and 3.x users and information onto an OS/2 Warp Server environment using a graphical user interface.

...on a Powerful Platform...

OS/2 Warp Server possesses the same 32-bit, pre-emptive multitasking capabilities of IBM's powerful and battle-tested OS/2 Warp operating system, and comes Internet-ready with IBM's popular Internet Access Kit and WebExplorer. It offers reliable crash protection, runs OS/2 and DOS applications and contains IBM's WIN-OS2* code, which provides support for 16- and 32-bit Windows** applications.

...for Businesses of All Sizes

With sophisticated, easy-to-use networking components on a powerful operating system platform, OS/2 Warp Server will appeal to a diverse set of market segments, from small and medium sized businesses to departmental corporate workgroups to large businesses and institutions. Resellers and VARs are also an important target audience for OS/2 Warp Server. Not only do they stand to benefit from selling a complete business solution to such a broad set of users, but their job is made easier with OS/2 Warp Server's outstanding system management capabilities.

"We have had great success with IBM's OS/2 Warp and LAN Server 4.0 and we are really looking forward to the opportunity to sell OS/2 Warp Server to our customers," said Mike McKee, software manager, Intelligent Electronics. "There are a lot of businesses out there who are anxious to enter the fast-growing application server environment, and there are also a lot of businesses who just want simple file and print function until they are ready to expand. OS/2 Warp Server will be an excellent solution for both."

Sophisticated Systems Management Made Easy

To address the challenges faced by today's network administrators, OS/2 Warp Server will contain systems management features which ensure a high degree of performance and reliability. With OS/2 Warp Server, administrators will be able to remotely manage computers across the network, allowing them to quickly address network issues by monitoring or even taking control of any computer on a LAN without leaving their desk.

OS/2 Warp Server provides a software and hardware discovery feature for system administrators, giving network supervisors the ability to determine the exact components of any PC on the network. System administrators will be able to determine such components as software titles, version number of programs, type of configuration, type and size of hard disk drive, amount of system memory and network interface card. This will help administrators identify software upgrades, detect system incompatibilities and determine the need for hardware upgrade components. By having the ability to do all of this without leaving their desks, administrators will be able to manage their systems much more easily and efficiently, reducing the cost of LAN management.

As a preventive measure, on-screen alerts built into OS/2 Warp Server will warn administrators of predictive hardware failures such as low disk space and exceeding the CPU threshold. This is an added benefit to resellers because it helps them avoid potential customer satisfaction problems.

Carefree System Backup and Recovery

Reliable protection from data loss is vital for any business employing a network. IBM has implemented a comprehensive backup and recovery system in OS/2 Warp Server that eliminates the worry. Utilizing object-oriented administration and an intuitive interface, OS/2 Warp Server offers an easy-to-use, yet sophisticated, backup solution.

OS/2 Warp Server users will be able to schedule full or partial data backups to a variety of media formats including diskette, tape and optical drives. An advanced disaster recovery feature is included that will allow a business to recover vital data, even in the event of a complete server hard disk crash. Users will also have the unique ability to load tape backups and restore information to the network without loading the core operating system, allowing them to easily and painlessly recover data and get their business up and running again very quickly.

This integrated backup facility is also compatible with IBM's Automated Data Storage Management (ADSM), which allows users to backup data to storage devices across a variety of platforms, including DEC, Hewlett-Packard and Sun, as well as IBM's AIX*, AS/400* and MVS* environments. This scalability across platforms protects investments and creates an efficient heterogeneous operating environment.

Remote Access

Remote connectivity is a need for businesses of all sizes today, and OS/2 Warp Server features a full set of remote access capabilities. With OS/2 Warp Server, organizations ranging from small businesses with two sites across town to multinational corporations can now quickly access vital information via this integrated remote functionality.

With OS/2 Warp Server's remote node capability, users are able to log onto the network, upload and download data and print documents to other facilities. Offices will be able to quickly share information by linking to their corporate network and other sites via a high speed modem line, x.25 or ISDN. Mobile users can connect to the office as though they were sitting at their desks.

In addition, OS/2 Warp Server's remote control feature reduces the cost of support. A system administrator or reseller will actually be able to see what the user sees, extending the ability to reach out and view, troubleshoot and solve network issues from across town or from thousands of miles away.

Advanced Print Functionality

Printing over the network is an important task for organizations of all sizes. OS/2 Warp Server includes new printing enhancements that will solve various needs for a variety of customers. With OS/2 Warp Server's postscript printer emulation, users are able to send postscript documents to non-postscript laser printers such as Hewlett-Packard and LexMark, saving them hundreds of dollars.

OS/2 Warp Server also has advanced printer functionality that is compatible with high speed host printers in a mainframe connected environment. This compatibility will greatly assist organizations by protecting their investments in high-capacity host printers. A corporate customer can easily introduce OS/2 Warp Server into the network and configure this advanced business network solution to drive 300-page-per-minute printers, saving hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Broad Client Support

OS/2 Warp Server will support all prevalent network clients, including OS/2 Warp and OS/2 Warp Connect, DOS, Windows 3.x, Windows NT and Macintosh. OS/2 Warp Server is also backward-compatible with previous IBM LAN Server clients. This will allow OS/2 Warp Servers to be incrementally added to an existing LAN Server network and will provide the customer with complete compatibility between systems. OS/2 Warp Server also supports gateway functionality to NetWare and Microsoft servers by allowing OS/2 Warp Server clients to access non-OS/2 Warp Server resources.

Availability and Pricing

Users can enter the OS/2 Warp Server beta program by calling 1-800-393-8922 after August 28. The cost of the beta program is $15.95 for shipping and handling. OS/2 Warp Server is expected to be generally available during the first quarter of 1996. Pricing has yet to be determined. There will be an upgrade program for LAN Server users.

* Indicates trademark or registered trademark of the IBM Corp. ** Indicates trademark of Microsoft Corp.

All other brand and product names are trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective companies.

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