Take Beta now so that you can install and read it off-line. As downloaded, unzip it into a directory, for the name(s) of which we suggest the following convention (as result of compatibility with previous Numbers of Beta and their links). If you haven't done yet, make a directory root that will contain all Beta numbers (to do so, it's convenient to choice an high free-space partition on your hard disk), in example "Beta". Below this one, create a directory for every number of Beta, respecting revision naming convention of four numbers nnyy dove nn=Number e yy=Year, i.e. for Number 4 of 1995 it will be: 0495, so entire path will be \\Beta\0495.
Inside archive you will find all useful instruction for Beta installation and data for supported Browsers (file Leggimi.TXT). Furthermore, you will find a text with instructions for installation under Windows 3.1 o Windows per Workgroup 3.11 (file Win31.TXT).

Beta is free for distribution, also on removable supports as diskette, with the required condition of not-existance of any money charge or equivalent, for the reading and the transfer of the review outside telecom context. For Web installation see Leggimi.TXT at the related part, remembering that is forbidden by the copyright laws to modify or to partially reproduct, outside Beta context, articles and images without authors express authorization, whose addresses may be found at page of Editing staff, or for previous advise to the coordinating group. Thanks.

Note: Current Number is available in italian only.

To download Beta click on one of the two links shown below

=>Beta Issue #6 - Version HTML (900 KB ZIP archive, compatible DOS) | CSELT
=>Beta Issue #6 - Version HTML (900 KB ZIP archive, compatible DOS) | MC-link

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