Pentium II 233-400 MHz System Board 

The S1846S/L/A is a quality, high performance single processor mainboard based on the powerful Intel Pentium® II microprocessors. This mainboard is designed around the latest and fastest Intel 440BX AGPset and supports CPU speeds of 233MHz through 400MHz and beyond as well as the new Celeron® CPUs from Intel.  

The S1846S/L/A supports SPD SDRAM  memory and  ECC SDRAM.  The S1846's PCI Local Bus and new 32-bit AGP bus provides high performance capabilities that are ideal for a wide range of demanding applications such as: CAD, CAM, CAE, real-time 3D, and simulations. 

This integrated system board achieves the highest reliability and is based on an extended double row ATX form factor. Some of the features included are: on-board dual channel PCI IDE,  on-board floppy controller, on-board high speed I/O, Universal Serial Bus, on-board PS/2 mouse connector, and optional on-board wavetable sound and System Mangement. 

Flexibility and expandibility have been designed into the S1846S/L/A. With I/O and drive controller support built on-board, the S1846S/L/A leaves many upgrade paths not found on other boards.. With Three 168-pin DIMM sockets,  the S1846S/L/A can provide a very flexible memory configuration of up to 768MB  SPD SDRAM or SDRAM+ECC in addtion to the new 100MHz SDRAMs. Specifications:  

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