All specifications subject to change without notice.
  • PROCESSOR SUPPORT (CPU): Intel Pentium P55C/AMD K6/Cyrix 6x86MX/idt C6 at 120-500MHz.
  • CHIPSET: Via Apollo MVP3 (100 MHz) PCIset w/AGP Solution.
  • CACHE MEMORY: Supports Pipeline Burst SRAM. Onboard 512KB.
  • DRAM MODULES: 168PIN DIMM x 3 for 3.3v SDRAM.
  • I/O CHIP: Winbond multi-super I/O.
  • EXPANSION SLOT: 32 bit PCI Master Bus x 4, 16 bit ISA Bus x 3, and AGP Slot x 1.
  • BIOS: Supports Award Plug & Play BIOS and Flash EPROM.

  • Supports exclusive USDM (Unified System Diagnostic Manager). 
    Supports exclusive KBPO (Keyboard Power On). 
    Supports exclusive ESDJ (Easy Setting Dual Jumper) for CPU clock selection. 
    CPU setting by Multiplier x Bus Clock. 
    Supports External Modem Ring-in Power ON Function. 
    Supports Hardware Monitoring Function by Winbond W83781D. 
    Supports WOL (Wake-On-LAN) function. 
    Supports both AT and ATX Power connectors. 
  • FORM FACTOR: 220mm x 260mm baby AT Size.