AGP-Ready Baby AT Motherboard with 100MHz FSP Support
1stMainboard VA-503+ (69KB)
321-pin ZIF socket (Socket 7) 
Intel Pentium® processor with MMX technology 166-233MHz 
AMD-K6 PR166-PR300 / AMD-K6 3D1 processors
Cyrix/IBM 6x86MX PR166-233 processors 
Supports 66/75/83/100MHz Front Side Bus 
Switching voltage regulator supports split voltages, 2.0V ~ 3.5V
VIA Apollo MVP3 Chipset
System BIOS
Plug and Play, DMI 2.0 compliant, Flash EPROM, LS-120 support
LII Cache
Onboard 512KB Pipeline Burst SRAM
1MB manufacturing option
Main Memory
Four 72-pin SIMM sockets support FPM and EDO DRAM, up to 512MB
Two 168-pin DIMM sockets support SDRAM, up to 512MB2
ECC memory support
Onboard Multi I/O
Winbond 877TF/AF chipset
Two serial ports with UART 16550 /IrDA support; Optional FIR
One parallel port with ECP/EPP support
Optional USB daughter board 
Optional PS/2 mouse and keyboard connectors 
Onboard PCI IDE 
Two dual-channeled Enhanced PCI Bus Master IDE connectors
Ultra DMA/33; PIO Mode 4; DMA Mode 2 support
System Protection 
& Management
Hardware-based intelligent virus protection
CPU Thermal Protect, CPU/System Fan Control, Voltage Report (special fan required)
Wake On LAN connector, Modem ring-on, RTC alarm
ACPI (Advanced Configuration and Power Interface) ready3
Expansion Slots
One 32-bit AGP slot, three 32-bit PCI and three 16-bit ISA slots
Baby AT-size 4-layer PCB; 9.2" x 8.6" (233.68mm x 218.44mm)
Specifications subject to change without notice 
1 AMD-K6 PR300, AMD-K6 3D processors not tested at time of printing 
2 256MB DIMM not tested at time of printing 
3 Some ACPI functionality dependent on Operating System for support