Apollo MVP3

                   The Apollo MVP3 is a high performance, cost effective, and energy efficient
                   chip set for the implementation of AGP, PCI, and ISA in desktop and
                   notebook personal computer systems from 66MHz to 100 MHz based on
                   64-bit Socket-7 super-scalar processors.

                   The Apollo MVP3 chipset consists of the VT82C598AT system controller
                   (476 pin BGA) and the VT82C586B PCI to ISA bridge (208 pin PQFP). The
                   VT82C598AT system controller provides superior performance between the
                   CPU, optional synchronous cache, DRAM, AGP bus, and the PCI bus with
                   pipelined, burst, and concurrent operation. The DRAM controller supports
                   standard Fast page Mode (FPM), EDO, SDRAM, and DDR SDRAM. The
                   VT82C598AT complies with the Accelerated Graphics Port Specification 1.0
                   and features support for 66/75/83/100 MHz CPU bus frequencies and the
                   66MHz AGP bus frequency. Coupled with BDDR SDRAM II, the VT82C598AT
                   allows implementation of the most flexible, reliable, and high-performance
                   DRAM interface.


                   KEY FEATURES:

                      Supports 66 / 75 / 83 / 100MHz CPU external bus speed

                      PC97 compatible using VT82C586B South Bridge with ACPI Power

                      Includes UltraDMA-33 EIDE, USB, and Keyboard/PS2-Mouse Interfaces
                      plus RTC/CMOS on chip

                      Single chip implementation for 64-bit Socket-7 CPU, 64-bit system
                      memory, 32-bit PCI and 32-bit AGP interfaces

                      3.3V and sub-3.3V interface to CPU

                      3.3V (5V tolerant) DRAM, AGP,and PCI interface

                      AGP v1.0 compliant

                      PCI buses are synchronous/pseudo-synchronous to host CPU bus

                      33 MHz operation on the primary PCI bus

                      66 MHz PCI operation on the AGP bus

                      Concurrent CPU and AGP access

                      FP, EDO, SDRAM, and DDR SDRAM

                      Consists of the VT82C598AT system controller (476 pin BGA) and the
                      VT82C586B PCI to ISA bridge (208 pin PQFP)

                      Built-in NAND-tree pin scan test capability

                      0.35um, high speed and low power CMOS process

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